Planner Girly Starter Pack -Sadgirl

Planner Girly Starter Pack -Sadgirl

Planner Girly Starter Pack -Sadgirl



It's never too late to start planning, Homegirls! Our new Planner Girly Starter Pack is your BFF for planning will keep you cute & organized, without ever missing a beat. The bundle includes our BD 2024 Planner, 3 of our fav stickers to decorate your planner & a Pink Airbrush Notebook set!! This bundle is perfect for the girly who's always on the go! Start making your plans happen now!!


Payasita - Sadgirl   -  measures: 2.93” × 4

Stop being a Pendeja - measures: 3” x 4”

Cry Baby  -  measures: 3″ × 3.5″


-Size: A5 ( 5.9” x 8.3”)
-Material: 157 gsm art paper+2mm grey board (Hardcover)
Inner pages:
-Quantity: 160 pages (Double sided)
-Material: 100 gsm offset paper (wood free paper)
-Printing: Double-sided black printing( black lined pages)
-Binding: Normal gold wire -o binding


Size: 9’ x 3.5”
-Material offset paper (wood free paper,)
- support + magnet
-Quantity of pages: 60 sheets
-Binding: Perfect Binding

**Sticky Notes**

Size: 3” x 3”
-Material: offset paper (woodfree paper,)
-Quantity of pages: 100 sheet per set


-Size: 7.24” x 9.25”
-Material: 157gsm art paper + 2mm grey board (Hardcover)
- Matte lamination + gold foil stamping

Inner pages:
-Quantity: 241 pages (double sided)

-3 sticker pages
-Material: 100gsm offset paper (wood free paper)
-Binding: Normal gold wire -o binding