Welcome To The Homegirls Guide & Our New Bella Doña App

First And Foremost, We Love Ya’ll

And now we have a new place to connect and celebrate our sisterhood!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Homegirls! Sharing with y’all on IG for the last 9 years has meant so much! Every day I post a thought (aka emotion, aka meme lol) and instantly feel the sisterhood that we build in real time through hundreds of comments we get back. Talking to y’all about real shit, things we are going through, and our hopes for the future has made our brand what it is today—there is simply no Bella Doña without YOU. Y’all instantly become our Homegirls the minute you chime in with a personal story or dream. But, with all of the changes on social media, between algorithms and censorship, we really can’t chop it up with you any way we want. Luckily, now we have HERE!!! We created this app to build us our own sacred space. A place to gather, talk, blog, pod and shop!

What’s In Store On The New Bella Doña App

All of the things you love in one place plus some extras!

Our Bella Doña App will host EXCLUSIVE DROPS—items and sales you will only find here!!! Our new bi-weekly blog, The Homegirls Guide (you’re reading our first post now!!!) will be where we will talk all things Bella Doña, BUSINESS, FASHION, MUSIC, ASTROLOGY, & LOVE advice. You will also be able to create your own profiles for quicker check out & lock in your cart much faster!! We really just want to have a space for us to connect with you & do what we do, only BETTER and more intimately!!!

Anxiety And Inspiration

We gotta walk the talk, Homegirls!!!

We had been going back & forth the last few years about creating a Bella Doña app, and because change feels risky, challenging and most of all anxiety-ridden, we dragged our feet. We talk a lot of big shit on IG about taking chances and investing in yourself, so we had to put on our big girl chonis, take our own advice, and put our money where our mouth is!! (Now universe, do your thing! LOL) We really hope you love what we’ve created and look forward to sharing more!! We are excited for all the blog content we have planned, collaborations, The Homegirls Guide Podcast (launching next month!!!) and all the other fun surprises we have up our sleeve! And YES, you will be getting push notifications (directly from me since I will be the one sending them!!) to keep you inspired and in the loop.

Ending On A Note Of Gratitude

We’re all in this together, Homegirls.

We loooooooove reading your comments so please always let us know how you are doing, what you are celebrating, or how you’re feeling below!!! We are always inspired and grateful for what you share. Also, please drop us a review in the App Store to share your feedback on the new app! Let us know what you think so far and what you’d like to see more of as we grow in our new space!!

Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU to everyone on our team for all they do to make all this come to life and especial shout out to YOU, our Homegirl, for always riding with us!



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