Bella Doña

Natalia Durazo and LaLa Romero

Nails Did | Hoops Big | Wings Sharp | Mouth Smart™

Bella Doña was born and raised in LA, and is here for everyone from around the way.  Co-founded by best friends LaLa Romero and Natalia Durazo, with its roots in Chicano and LA culture, Bella Doña is proud to celebrate the spirit of sisterhood. Everything we do is rooted in nostalgia from our childhood: long acrylic nails, big ass gold hoops, and winged eyeliner. We love our Homegirls, the City of Angels, candy painted Low-Riders, bumping Mary Wells on repeat, micheladas, long, hot summer days and looking fly. We are unapologetic about the things we love and using our voices to express our point of view—no matter what. Bella Doña is a part of a culture rich in tradition and beauty.  We are here to continue a legacy of pride, and show the world how we get down.